Work Study Opportunity in the Cristescu Lab

The Cristescu Lab of Ecological Genomics is looking for a Work Study student starting in the Winter semester! It's a great place to work if you're in to understanding the role adaptation plays in microevolution, and if you want to gain hands on experience in a population genetics lab! 

All those who are interested should e-mail A brief summary of your research experience to present, along with a copy of your CV should be attached!

1, 2 Step (the NTC remix)

This year, as in previous ones, the MBSU will be selling NTCs for BIOL 200, 215 and 306. But, in the spirit of keeping it ~ FrEsH ~ we are changing our delivery system to make things easier and more efficient! Our new 2-Step NTC purchasing guide guarantees access to your fave NTCs with less hassle:

  1. Come to the Biology Lounge (Stewart Biology W2/4) to purchase copy cards. These can be used to purchase any number of lectures, with a cost of $1 per lecture. You also have the option to pre-pay for NTCs for the entire course - this saves you from having to make multiple trips to the office.
  2. Pick-up your lectures at McConnell Engineering Room 6. Copie-EUS will scratch off the lecture number on your copy card. You can check to see if the lectures are ready to be picked up. 

We hope that this new system will streamline NTC delivery by allowing you to buy only the lecture(s) you want, to pre-order the whole course with one simple payment, and to provide you with live updates so that you know exactly when a new set is out.

Hannah (VP NTC) 

Socceromyces Call-Out

Dear Biology,

Welcome to the 3rd official season of Socceromyces; the most hard working and fun loving soccer players the department has to offer! Last year was great, Biology won the SUStainability month soccer tournament after defeating Chemistry in the final, and then went on to secure a respectable 4-2 run in the Intramural Winter D League at McGill. We ended the season with acquiring official jerseys that will be worn by Biology students for years to come. This year, we will be looking to cement our place as the finest departmental team under the SUS, and do even better in both departmental and intramural competitions. 

This may sound intimidating, but I have no doubt in the capabilities and spirit of our players. If you wish to get involved, please send an e-mail to with your favourite position (if any) and a sentence or two on why you want to join the McGill Biology soccer team. We do not discriminate against those who have less experience or for any other reasons; all are welcome to join depending on roster availability. 

I find it amazing that a 3 year old experimental initiative has evolved in to something much more than just a team full of friends. Never have I met a group of people more devoted to having a good time and supporting each other, on and off the field than I have with Socceromyces. So go ahead, get in touch with us, and get ready to start your McGill soccer career!

Stay warm, and I’ll see you on the field.

Best regards,

Areeb Butt
Player-Captain, Socceromyces F.C.


The Abscission of the MBSU

Just like life itself, the MBSU is constantly changing. With Fall 2015 just around the corner, we are shedding our old leaves to reveal a new, cleaner look. We are proud to present our new logo (design by Jay Potts) and a new website (you are here). We have also revamped our Facebook, Twitter, and Email Listserv to better connect you with the MBSU. No doubt there will be a plethora of improvements as we continue to work out the kinks of the new system, but for now, enjoy exploring our new website. And while you are here, check out our other social feeds by clicking on the icons in the footer. 

Bio on,

VP Communications 2015/2016